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Real Estate Courses designed with you in mind to empower and enrich your real estate savvy.  So when the time is right for you to make your next move, you'll be fully prepared and feel the confidence that comes with knowledge to make well-informed decisions every step of the way! 

Why I am qualified to teach about Real Estate? 

I'm a full-time real estate agent serving in Southern Nevada within the Greater Las Vegas area.  Over my 7.5 years in real estate, I've sold over 55 million dollars worth of real estate (and growing) helping over 200 people (like you) and counting succeed with their real estate goals from home buying, to home selling, to homeownership.  My YouTube channel has helped thousands of people make sense of real estate.  With over 4 million views on my channel and the 10's of thousands of comments sharing their real estate success with me, I'm inspired to continue helping people learn how to be successful with their real estate goals.  I bring all of my experience wiser from my successes and failures to bear in the educational videos you'll find here to teach you how to buy, sell, and own a home successfully. 

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